Crisis Comms & Lobbying

Crisis Comms & Lobbying

Fabrick provides specialist communications support for business critical issues such as crisis management, tenant liaison and lobbying. As a construction and property marketing specialist, we understand the high risk nature of the industry and the negative impacts that events can have on a business. It can take a lifetime to build a brand and only minutes to lose it so it’s crucial your business knows how to manage a crisis.

Our in-house experts know how to manage critical issues and can create a strategy that can save your brand, and even strengthen it following a crisis. Once it happens, things move very quickly so it’s important that your staff know what to do and who to contact in that crucial first hour.

Our integrated teams can help you manage and respond to press enquiries, live social media reporting, disgruntled tenants, employees and members of the public. We will produce and aid with internal communications and help you manage the messages you wish to communicate.

Our crisis comms work has seen us provide support for clients including manufacturers, contractors, consultants and building owners around issues such as restructures, office closures and redundancies, accidents and incidents on sites, through to regulation changes, ACM cladding and post Grenfell Tower related fire risk.

Working for major housebuilders and housing associations, we provide tenant liaison and consultation to ensure efficient communication around issues such as repair, maintenance and improvements work to minimise tenant concern and distress.

We provide lobbying support to a range of organisations from trade associations and industry bodies looking to raise issues and influence Government, through to developers and house builders seeking planning permission for new projects. This often includes delivering public consultation events.

In each case our approach is based on three core principles:

1. Planning and Preparation

This sees us undertake comprehensive planning from exposure audits and creation of a Crisis Response Plan (CRP) to media training for key staff, and creation of timelines for announcements.

2. Monitoring and Notification

We put in place processes that enable us to monitor situations to which we are best placed to respond. This includes processes for monitoring national, local and trade media, online media and social media.

3. Management

Our team works closely with clients to provide the management required to effectively navigate a path through whatever challenge they are facing. We will handle the media, liaise and consult with tenants and reassure stakeholders by providing the appropriate responses/statements and actions.

Whether you are an architect, contractor, manufacturer or supplier, you can be drawn into an incident that can have a negative impact on your company’s brand and reputation. So be prepared and contact our Managing Director, David Ing at to discuss how we can help your business prepare for a crisis.

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