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Software of Excellence is the global leader in the provision of dental practice management software. To maintain the company’s market leading position, Fabrick were tasked with creating a highly visual way of communicating the benefits of its award-winning products whilst also setting them apart from their competitors

The Solution:

Many of the client’s competitors use stock photography of gleaming white teeth to illustrate their products, creating little differentiation between brands.

Fabrick wanted to create a unique brand position for Software of Excellence so created and illustrated a bespoke character – Dan the Dentist – that formed the basis of their brand and a series of bespoke illustrations.

The character was used at the heart of a marketing campaign and the illustrations were used to showcase challenges dental practices may encounter and the benefits that customers can expect when using one of the company’s software solutions.

The bespoke character and illustrations were used across a variety of marketing applications from website to white papers, direct mail pieces to literature, advertising, email marketing and exhibition graphics and animations.

The illustrative approach, and use of Dan the Dentist, has been so successful that other Software of Excellence operations, including Australia, New Zealand and Holland, have now started to integrate the style and approach.

The Results:

  • A distinctive and eye-catching brand
  • Creation of a bespoke and memorable character that only SOE can use
  • Clear brand differentiation
  • Unique brand position achieved
  • The client’s product benefits were communicated in a memorable, engaging and distinctive way
  • Flexible and cost effective communication method
  • Global success and integration

“What Fabrick’s creative team have created for us is exceptional. We challenged them to create a visual approach that would set Software of Excellence apart from its competitors. The illustrative approach they have produced is modern, eye catching and unique. It’s also highly adaptable and extendable, enabling us to tailor it across the business.”

Guy Meyers, Head of Marketing and Product, Software of Excellence

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