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Software of Excellence is the global leader in the provision of dental practice management software. With a marketing driven approach to sales generation, the company required a series of direct mail pieces to support various campaigns.

The Solution:

Experts at delivering integrated marketing campaigns, Software of Excellence continue to see the benefit of a traditional approach to direct mail as a way of creating memorable impact and helping to drive sales enquiries.

To support various campaigns, the company worked with Fabrick to create a number of bespoke, direct mail pieces. These were created by Fabrick to follow the company’s distinct creative approach, clearly distinguishing its brand and product offering from that of its competitors.

Featuring clear messaging and calls to action, the eye catching direct mail pieces follow a number of different formats and sizes to provide intrigue and interest to potential customers. All formats were carefully chosen to minimise postage costs whilst maximising ROI.

The Results:

  • Delivery of traditional direct mail pieces as part of a wider integrated campaign
  • Featured a distinct brand style created by Fabrick
  • Creation of a number of different formats to provide intrigue and interest

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