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Creative / Sika TCM Brochure

Creative / Sika TCM Brochure






Sika is a global leader in the structural corrosion management of concrete structures. They wanted to communicate the benefits of their Total Corrosion Management approach in a visual way so turned to Fabrick to create a brochure that was engaging and informative.

The Solution:

When producing the brochure, our creative team was faced with several design challenges – an unfortunate lack of imagery and compliance to strict corporate branding guidelines.

They used their extensive knowledge of Sika’s branding and Total Corrosion Management to quickly develop a design concept that not only overcame these restrictions but also pushed the design boundaries.

Our concept depicted a city protected by a large dome that keeps all destructive elements at bay. It quite literally illustrates Sika’s protection of the whole city, with the dome omitting a yellow glow and the harmful elements – illustrated as arrows – bouncing away on impact.

The design was flexible and lent itself to other marketing and communication channels. With limited imagery, we utilised infographics to communicate key facts and messages – such as detailed information on diagnosis methods – in a way that would catch and keep the reader’s attention.

The Results:

  • A design concept that lends itself to various marketing and communication channels
  • A design that captures the essence of the TCM campaign
  • Strong visual created to enhance Sika’s branding
  • A brochure that clearly communicates the campaign’s key messages through strong photography and infographics
  • A well-designed brochure that attracts and holds the attention of the reader

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