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With 2015 marking Saint-Gobain’s 350th anniversary, the industry leader wanted to use this milestone to celebrate its 350 reasons to believe in the future. They were looking for a creative way to communicate these to their staff and customers and asked Fabrick to help.

The Solution:

Saint-Gobain wanted to communicate a large volume of information relating to its anniversary year – from planned activities, a message from the CEO and much more. To ensure this wasn’t off-putting, Fabrick suggested a Z-card as it allows large amounts of information to be included in a small, practical and mobile format.

When working on the design we used our knowledge of the client and their objectives to identify the key points and create a design that not only emphasised these but also provided clear ‘sections’. This approach encouraged people to read and digest the information.

We utilised the bright colour palette from the 350 logo to ensure a consistent design approach – producing strong visuals that would attract and entice the key audience groups.

The Results:

  • A practical, robust pocket-sized communication tool that staff and customers can keep
  • A visually strong mobile communication tool
  • Large amounts of information communicated in a small, practical format
  • Concept designed to aid navigation and be clearly distinctive from one another
  • Promotion of Saint-Gobain brand and activities

“We have used the versatile Z-Cards in a number of ways - handing them out to visitors at an exhibition, on display for visitors to pick up in our reception areas to sharing them with employees as part of personalised communications.”

Mira Popovic, External Communications Manager, Saint-Gobain UK

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