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Recticel Insulation is part of the Belgium-based international Recticel Group, one of the world’s largest producers of PIR products. Operating in a highly competitive market in the UK, the company required an agency that could deliver an integrated approach to marketing communications to help build brand awareness and develop a specification pipeline.

The Solution:

The UK insulation market is dominated by a number of well established brands and for many it’s difficult to see differentiation between the various PIR brands. In addition, brand loyalty and reliance on previously accessed technical information, meant that getting customers to change their specification behaviour was a challenge.

Whilst having strong brand awareness with merchant and distribution, it was identified that brand awareness amongst architects and specifiers was low. Brand awareness with house builders and contractors also needed addressing.

A campaign that appealed to customers at different levels and communicated Recticel’s strong corporate identity as an insulation solution-provider committed to creating sustainable environments for future generations, was required. In order to raise brand awareness and create differentiation between Recticel Insulation and other leading PIR brands, Fabrick developed a content first approach to Recticel’s marketing communications.

Fabrick identified that each key competitor had a strong technical presence in the industry and so sought to elevate key technical spokespeople to enhance and highlight Recticel’s technical offering. Technical features and thought leadership content was created and disseminated across different channels including trade media, on- and offline and social media.

In order to create a sense of differentiation, Fabrick recommended that in addition to traditional print advertising, Recticel looked at alternatives including: CPD features, webinars, seminars and roundtables. Recticel participants varied indepartments from marketing to specification and technical. Off-page activities such as webinars and roundtables enabled key Recticel spokespeople to demonstrate the technical competence and move towards becoming an authoritative figure in the construction industry.

Further to this, Fabrick recommended that Recticel had a people focused PR and social media, highlighting expertise and Recticel’s commitment to graduate and undergraduate schemes. Through implementing an ‘Ask the Expert’ theme on social media throughout live events, Fabrick improved social engagement with short videos, increasing engagement by 793%.

Fabrick also implemented paid social campaigns throughout Ecobuild, with the aim to encourage visits to the Recticel stand and thus raise brand awareness.

The Results:

  • Social engagement increased by 793%
  • Paid social campaigns throughout ecobuild increased link clicks by 428%, compared to the previous year with a total of 213,389 impressions across the paid posts.
  • Recticel are moving towards becoming an authoritative figure in the construction industry.
  • Clearly communicated Recticel’s technical offering

Fabrick’s standout expertise for me is their connections within the industry and knowledge of the general UK construction industry. The whole Fabrick team is up-to-date with the industry’s current affairs and always have a solution or opportunity for Recticel. Opportunities are always well thought through, with Recticel’s objectives in mind, and are planned with a clear approach.

Tom Nash, Marketing Executive, Recticel Insulation UK

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