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Questor Insurance wanted to promote and distinguish its travel insurance services within a highly competitive market. To achieve this, CFA created the character Quentin Questor and suggested an integrated marketing campaign including the creation of designated social media pages.

The Solution:

As part of an integrated marketing campaign, CFA designed the Quentin Questor character to provide a fun and memorable aspect to Questor Travel Insurance services. The creation of a series of social media pages lent itself well to this objective.

To allow direct engagement between Quentin Questor and the client’s audience groups, CFA set up Facebook and Twitter pages. These provided a prime opportunity for the company to promote their travel insurance services

As content is king, our social media team identified and produced good quality content that was interesting, topical and relevant to travellers. As one of the first websites to comment and share information on these particular topics, this would ensure travellers associate Questor with travel and these related topics.

To encourage visitors and repeat visits we also planned and implemented a real-time round the world trip. Over the course of weeks, the character Quentin Questor was pictured and tagged all over the world attending real events and he would frequently comment on them.

With CFA appointed to populate and manage all content, our social media team formulated a plan with specific targets which was then approved by the client.

We also worked closely with the client to guide them on what to publish, when and how often to achieve the most effective outcome.

By linking all the social media pages to the main website, this helped to support the campaign and improve interaction ever more.

Throughout the project, we undertook a very proactive approach and would often suggest ideas on how best to develop the social media pages. With careful collaboration, innovation and hard work, the social media pages provide a perfect place for visitors to share stories of their adventures and tips and advice with travellers from all over the world.

The Results:

  • In its first year, the Twitter page’s followers grew by over 100 per month
  • Within the first six months retweets had increased from 31 to 521 and continued at an average of 320 per month
  • The number of likes received on Facebook increased threefold in the first 12 months
  • Within a year 4,321 messages were sent via Twitter
  • Facebook posts were displayed 13,631 times in the first year

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