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Creative / Questor Insurance - Illustration

Creative / Questor Insurance - Illustration


Questor Insurance




Questor Insurance was looking for a PR agency to raise the profile and brand identity for its travel products and services. Fabrick proposed an innovative approach and suggested an integrated campaign that focused around the creation of a character to make it fun and memorable.

The Solution:

The Fabrick creative team came up with a new concept to invent a character that would be the ‘face’ of Questor’s travel insurance. In such a competitive market, it was important to create a memorable idea that would stand out from the crowd.

After researching the travel insurance market, we created Quentin Questor – a successful explorer and charity fundraiser who lives for travel. The concept behind the character was for him to recommend places to visit, provide travellers with tips and give information on the type of travel insurance required.

Fabrick designed Quentin Questor to appeal to the client’s main target audience of young travellers and in a style that would lend itself to digital channels. A life-sized costume was also created to be used for promotional purposes.

The Results:

  • A unique and bespoke character that has been well received
  • Eye-catching design
  • Instant association between the character and the client’s product
  • Raised company profile
  • A memorable character that lends itself to digital solutions
  • Life-sized costume that brought the concept to life

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