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Powell Systems Engineering specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of building energy management and control systems. The company commissioned Fabrick to produce an innovative website design which reflected the specialist nature of the organisation.

The Solution:

When researching other websites within the energy sector it became clear there was a similar style being adopted. Fabrick wanted Powell’s website to stand out from the crowd so suggested using animation across the main website pages to illustrate how Powell Systems’ products worked throughout the day. Visitors logging on in the evening would see a different picture to demonstrate how the systems altered in function throughout the 24 hour period.

Fabrickunderstands the look of a website and the user journey are incredibly important when attracting visitors and retaining their interest so created designs that were artistic, visually appealing and imaginative.

When considering designs, our creative team worked closely with our SEO and Digital teams to ensure factors such as responsiveness, mobile compatibility, SEO guidelines, accessibility and much more were implemented.

The Results:

  • Visitors now remain on the site for at least 30% longer and are reviewing more content
  • Increased awareness for Powell Systems and its product range.
  • The animations reflect the highly specialised nature of Powell Systems and the solutions it can offer customers.
  • The site is memorable and easily distinguishes Powell from its competitors.

“We were looking for something that would easily distinguish our website from that of the competition. Fabrick suggested the use of animation on the main pages and this has worked extremely well for us in terms of holding the attention of new and existing customers.”

Ian Powell, Managing Director, Powell Systems

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