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Optima is a leading manufacturer of office partitioning systems and regarded as a true pioneer within the industry, being the first to bring many innovations to market. To capitalise on their position, a campaign was required that would bring all of their innovations together.

The Solution:

Fabrick created a campaign entitled ’20 years of innovation’. Focussed around a microsite, the campaign was structured to look at twelve innovations created by Optima. Each month during 2014 the focus would be on a different innovation, creating a campaign that would build and generate interest for 12 months.

The innovations trace back over the past two decades and cover a variety of topics including deflection heads, acoustics, sliding doors and up to the present day with BIM details.

The campaign comprised a number of elements, all designed to drive traffic to the microsite whilst raising the profile of Optima and its innovative approach.

The elements included email footers for all staff, email signature, PR and video.

The creative approach employed by Fabrick saw an infographic style used to provide a consistent and interesting way of illustrating innovations, and an alternative to product photographs.

The use of campaign marketing within staff email signatures has helped to further the campaign with every email to a customer or supplier as well as raising awareness with Optima internal audience – its staff.

The campaign was launched with a video of key members of staff talking about the background of the company, its aspirations and key products and projects.

Following this, monthly press releases and emails were distributed with staff email signatures updated to reflect the topic of the month. Press releases looking at each innovation were then distributed to the media, helping to reach a wider audience and engage with both existing and new customers.

The Results:

  • Creative approach to campaign looking at past innovations over a 12 month period
  • Integrated campaign comprising of microsite, email marketing, PR and video
  • Eye catching use of infographic style illustrations for each innovation
  • Cost effective campaign that offers 12 months of activities based around a clear theme
  • Success measured through engagement levels across activities

“ Fabrick has been instrumental in helping us develop and deliver our ’20 years of innovation’ campaign. Their ideas and creative input, as well as advice on marketing channels, has been essential in making this project a success.”

Becky Peach, Marketing Manager

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