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For over two decades, MEDITE has been a leading brand within the wood panel industry. However, with the introduction of more competitors into the market, there was a need to reinforce and strengthen the brand by presenting MEDITE positively and creating excitement amongst key target groups. Their primary message needed to be that MEDITE is a premium and innovative MDF.

To complicate matters, MEDITE has a very diverse target audience – from fit out contractors to furniture manufacturers – with many being difficult to reach via traditional marketing channels.

As a long-term marketing partner, Fabrick was asked to deliver a highly creative execution for use on radio, TV, out of home media outlets including billboards.

The Solution:

MEDITE SMARTPLY wanted a campaign that would focus on channels which allowed them to influence decision makers in a highly creative manner and enable them to get to those hard-to-reach individuals working on site or in workshops and factories.

They chose to use TV, radio and out of home media outlets including Sky Sports, Talk Sport and Fix Radio.

The campaign required a highly creative execution – something that would catch the attention of the different audiences and provide MEDITE with a platform for conveying different messages. The messages needed to include both the quality of the product as well as its versatility for use in a wide range of different applications.

Fabrick developed the idea of imagining how you could use MEDITE to help inspire people to think about how they could use the material on their next project. This saw the creation of an animated head that was textured in MEDITE MDF. A story board was then created that saw a number of everyday items fly from the head and create a halo. A voiceover poem provided the narrative. Careful attention was paid to messaging and tone to ensure the right balance of inspiring, thought-provoking and market leading was achieved.

Fabrick created and managed every stage of the animated head – designs, animation, production of final creative files and even Clearcast ad approvals, script writing and production.

To support the campaign and help the client engage with end users, the ad creative included a link to a microsite which encouraged people to sign up and show them the endless possibilities of MEDITE which they could share to inspire others. This enabled the client to collect data and build a valuable database of hard-to-reach end-users. A welcome pack was also included to encourage the first 500 users to sign up.

The Results:

  • A highly imaginative and unique creative that expertly combines key messages of versatility, quality and brand
  • A distinctive and eye-catching advert that reinforces the MEDITE brand whilst also generating excitement.
  • Click here to watch the MEDITE Makes it Real advert.
  • After just one week, the campaign achieved 43% of the target sign ups and exceeded the number of site users
  • Within 2 months of its launch, MEDITE exceeded their sign-up target by 20% and website traffic increased three-fold.
  • MEDITE have seen 98% more users on the site versus the same period last year.
  • Influencers have posted videos on the use of MEDITE, this increasing social coverage and reach
  • The campaign has been short-listed for several 2021 Construction Marketing Awards

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