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Interfix are a progressive business that specialises in the design, creation and installation of washroom fit-outs and refurbishments. Working with Fabrick, Interfix want to use their strong reputation as a basis for further increasing their brand awareness, sales and understanding of their unique services in their chosen markets.

The Solution:

Interfix focus on 3 key markets: schools and colleges, prestigious and corporate and commercial, retail and leisure. To educate these markets we developed and delivered a phased digital marketing strategy that started with intelligent content planning.

We liaised closely with the Interfix team, and combined with our extensive research, identified the new content required for each target market. We then set about producing the material needed which included project case studies, blogs, latest news, compliance guides, industry news and more.

For each item of content, we identified the key marketing channels for distribution and managed its issue.

As Interfix did not have a business social media presence, a key priority was to create and build a company LinkedIn account that could be used as an information platform and key resource hub. This is continually managed and developed by the Fabrick team.

Fabrick also produced monthly e-bulletins that helped obtain targeted lead generation data. The content varied month-to-month and included copies of compliance guides, details of latest projects delivered, client testimonials and much more.

In addition to creating new marketing channels, Fabrick also advised Interfix on how best to develop existing channels such as their website.

The close liaison between Fabrick and Interfix has proved very successful.

The Results:

The following results have been achieved within a 6 month period:

  • Over the same 3 month period, website traffic increased by 56% between 2016 and 2017
  • 28,860 LinkedIn impressions
  • 1,000 LinkedIn engagements
  • 560 link clicks
  • Steady increase in relevant LinkedIn followers
  • Association with key industry events such as World Toilet Day
  • 8,464 unique e-bulletin opens
  • 735 unique e-bulletin clicks
  • Creation of solid leads
  • Increased brand awareness with their target markets
  • Targeted data capture for use in future marketing campaigns
  • Production of high quality content

“After many years of struggling with our marketing, we took Fabrick on and it has made such a difference. Their readiness to work with us was great and they are constantly striving to do the best for us. Thank you.”

Georgina Saunderson, Sales Support Executive, Interfix

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