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GroupBC, a Bentley Systems Company and market leader in information management, wanted to raise their profile, engage with a wider audience to secure customers for its CDE (Common Data Environment) product and identify tender opportunities. Fabrick was appointed to help GroupBC achieve these objectives.

The Solution:

GroupBC has a wide range of customers. Through research it was established there were three levels of individuals that needed to be influenced – CEO, senior management, estate managers and digital managers. It was essential therefore that any PR activities spoke to each of these individuals in a language that would appeal to them.

As large asset owners are a key audience for GroupBC, it was agreed further education would be a primary focus for our campaign, and more specifically a current project at The University of Birmingham where GroupBC’s CDE product was being used.

It was suggested a case study on the project would be beneficial, but Fabrick suggested a more strategic and highly targeted content campaign where articles of value were placed in media that would be read by target audiences.

We delivered a series of technical, thought-leadership features led by the university which were published in BIM+, Campus Estates, Higher Education Estates and ABC&D and more. These had greater reach and appeal to journalists and readers and provided a higher level of peer-to-peer engagement than via a vendor led article.

We also delivered a roundtable entitled ‘Digital twins & estates: how to drive the digitisation of assets to create a more efficient, safer and resilient built environment’. The event was videoed, resulting in the creation of a White Paper, leading to even further trade press coverage.

The Results:

  • The mix of media – trade press print and online, a roundtable event and a video ensured GroupBC communicated its message in a variety of formats, but with a clear eye on a highly targeted audience.
  • We secured five UoB features, with a reach of 48,360 and value of £10,560 (based on AER), far exceeding the coverage a case study article would have had.
  • Two further features based on content from the roundtable were also secured, adding a further reach of 15,000 and value of £4,300.
  • The approach of using University of Birmingham as the lead ensured the content was credible and engaging.
  • Comments from editors included: - “I appreciate the way you’re prepared to write it through Birmingham’s eyes, with your client playing a supportive but secondary role in the piece.” Andrew Pring, Editor, Education Design and Build, and Higher Education Estates

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