International / FLPFI

International / FLPFI


Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India




The Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India (FLPFI) is an organisation formed to provide a knowledge-sharing platform to discuss and promote robust loss prevention practices and solutions against fire and explosions. A key part of its remit is to provide independent guidance and information on different aspects of property protection. To support this, Fabrick was asked to deliver a series of white papers.

The Solution:

The FLPFI hosts an annual conference, with each conference being based upon a key theme. A number of guest presenters are invited to each conference to provide their views on the given theme. The content is wide and varied and provided by a range of organisations from trade bodies to fire professionals, developers, insurers and construction professionals.

The content is invaluable and to help ensure it reaches audiences outside of the conference, Fabrick produced white papers from the event. These have included papers on ‘Loss Prevention in Thermal Power Plants’ and ‘Loss Prevention in Warehouses.’ The content of the white papers is structured and copywritten by Fabrick’s in house team, who attend the conferences in person and ensure it is written in an engaging yet informative style. Once approved, the content is then past to Fabrick’s design studio who add design and the format of a white paper. These are then placed on the FLPFI website.

To ensure the white papers reach a wide audience, Fabrick creates and implements a content campaign using multiple channels, including social media and trade press. This helps to drive downloads of the documents and awareness.

The Results:

  • Informative and engaging White Papers produced
  • Strong designs created to aid appeal of the white papers
  • Creation of content campaigns, resulting in high downloads
  • Informative, accurate and engaging copywriting

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