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Over a five year period, Fabrick was retained by the European Commission to manage the marketing, communication and lobbying activities for various public sector projects in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and France to promote the use of green spaces and help bring derelict land back into the public domain.

The Solution:

In the UK, Fabrick dealt directly with Essex County Council and Southend Borough Council to promote a north Thames footpath and cycleway and new woodland centre. This involved direct lobbying with councillors and local MPs; daily contact with media and interest groups affected by the schemes, dealing with focus groups and public exhibitions.

In Rotterdam, Fabrick was responsible to the local municipal authority to bring together a water feature in the town centre. Because of the need to manage water correctly in the Netherlands, this involved major consultation, public focus groups, exhibitions and press liaison.

In Bruges, Fabrick was involved in bringing back derelict land into a nature reserve and public park, dealing at Government and local authority level. Part of this project involved working closely with a major quarry to ensure it complemented the scheme.

A similar scheme in Calais, including direct involvement with local authorities and central Government over two years, has also been introduced.

The Results:

  • The two UK projects were both successfully introduced.
  • In Rotherham, the water feature, which takes away storm water but also provides a leisure facility in the summer months, is now open.
  • In Bruges, the new reserve is open and attracting thousands of visitors.
  • The scheme in Calais was successfully introduced.

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