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Leading cladding manufacturer, Carea, wanted to raise their profile with architects within the UK and asked Fabrick to help organise an event that would help to achieve this goal.

The Solution:

Although a well-known company in France, Carea is relatively unheard of in the UK. After supplying the external cladding system for a new John Lewis store in York, the first store to be opened during the retailer’s 150th anniversary year, Carea selected this project as a strong project example to raise their profile within the UK construction market.

Fabric ksuggested that Carea hosted a CPD event (Continued Professional Development) at the Building Centre, London. This would provide an ideal opportunity for UK architects to see how Carea overcame design challenges, and the processes used to deliver the desired end result.

As well as creating the content for the main presentation, Fabrick designed and produced the presentation, booked the venue, co-ordinated the catering, designed the invites and managed their delivery; created an online rsvp area, managed invite responses, tracked attendees, played host, coached the speaker and followed up with attendees post event.

The Results:

  • A well-attended event
  • An eye catching and informative presentation to communicate key messages
  • Carea received enquiries from a number of newly introduced architects
  • Raised awareness and understanding of Carea and their products/services with UK architects
  • Built excellent relationships with the client and the UK team

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