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The Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA) has a clear aim - to increase the number of business premises that have automatic sprinkler systems fitted and to drive a culture change so that sprinklers are understood and accepted as the norm . To help achieve this they need to influence the property and construction sectors to get more real estate owners and design teams to consider sprinklers as part of a fire strategy.

The Solution:

Fabrick was appointed to deliver an integrated campaign that enabled the BSA to engage with decision makers. This included property owners as well as the construction supply chain including architects, contractors and consultants.

Our approach has seen the creation of a strong content and research led PR and communications strategy that will help address misconceptions around the benefits of sprinkler systems.

Fabrick is also supporting the BSA with their lobbying efforts - of ensuring legislation advises sprinklers to be a best practice recommendation - by providing influential and effective materials that will allow them to engage and influence key decision makers within Government. This has seen a focus on using the BSA’s Twitter channel to engage with the Government.

Our activities have seen us create marketing collateral including literature as well as technical sector reports. We have also implemented a series of off-page activities that enables the BSA to engage directly with audiences to enable more effective influencing.

The Results:

  • Created a clearly defined strategy that outlines who we want to, what our key messages are and how we are going to influence them
  • Developed a series of off page activities designed to enable conversation with key audiences. Activities include seminars, roundtables and conferences.
  • Implemented the use of Barbour ABI data to enable the BSA to target end users at early project stage to influence design.
  • Delivering a content first communication strategy that allows us to produce insightful content that we can disseminate across different channels including on and offline trade media, social and broadcast.

“As an alliance we are looking for ways to share our message, educate and gain broader acceptance of automatic fire sprinklers. It is for this reason we were looking for a new agency who could offer us a way to continue our strategy and reach into the construction community. It was important that they could add to our strategy and offer us a full service that spanned both digital and conventional print media. We wanted a partner who could stretch us and generate new ideas whilst maintaining our public affairs consultant and our connection with policy groups. Fabrick were chosen because of their people, their ideas and their ability to take us forward with our strategy. It is a testament to their offering that we are executing a lot of the ideas that they brought to us.”

Thomas Roche, Business Sprinkler Alliance

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