International / Business Sprinkler Alliance

International / Business Sprinkler Alliance






The Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA) advocates greater business resilience by enhancing protection against fire through the acceptance and use of fire sprinklers in commercial and industrial premises.

The BSA attends a high volume of events to allow them to educate the property and construction sectors on the benefits of sprinklers. They needed a usable and informative ‘giveaway’ for such events so asked Fabrick to come up with a solution.

The Solution:

Fabrick has attended and organised many events, so we know that people want giveaways that are small and able to fit into your inside jacket pocket.

Fabrick suggested producing a series of informative z-cards for BSA. They are small, allow you to include a vast amount of information and they are always well received.

Our creative team quickly got to work and produced a design that included many bespoke illustrations. Our thorough understanding of the client and its objectives allowed us to know the best image:copy ratio to use for the targeted audiences and thus increase its readability.

The first z-card produced, ‘How does a sprinkler work?’ was so well received within the UK that BSA was asked to adapt and share it with other similar global organisations. Fabrick amended and translated the content for use in Italy, China and Brazil to name a few.

The Results:

• The z-card helped facilitate a greater global understanding of the benefits of sprinklers

• Fabrick adapted and shared the Z-card with similar global organisations

• A version of the z-card was created for sister organisation, the Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India.

• A consistent global message was communicated using an effective marketing budget

• An impactive and informative marketing tool was created and used for multiple purposes

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