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The Business Sprinkler Alliance (BSA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose key aim is to promote research, education and awareness surrounding fire protection systems, such as sprinklers, and their wider acceptance within building regulations. They want to educate professionals and address myths that surround sprinklers so asked Fabrick to devise a plan that would educate its many audiences in a cost-effective way, with a key measurable being an increase in traffic to their website.

The Solution:

Fabrick’s solution was an online CPD module – ‘Property Protection and Business Resilience’. The CPD was approved by CPD UK, and subsequently approved by CIAT and CIBSE, and allows professionals to gain their CPD points whilst being educated. By having the CPD hosted online, users were invited to ‘take 20 minutes to watch’ in their own time – whether during their commute, or relaxing with a cup of tea of an evening.

The CPD module was embedded into the BSA website to encourage viewers to, once having watched the CPD, explore the rest of the website and find out more about sprinklers, business resilience etc.

With a relatively low budget to work with, Fabrick enhanced an existing CPD-certified PowerPoint presentation with advanced animation and graphics and added a voiceover to create a video file. This was then used to deliver the online CPD and could also be used when BSA speak at industry events.

To provide a cost-effective method of communicating the availability of the CPD module to its key audiences, Fabrick created a digital strategy. The focus of this was a paid and organic social strategy, supported with email marketing targeting individuals that had previously downloaded the CPD certified report entitled ‘The impact of sprinklers on building design.’

The Results:

Set against a target of 2,500 views within the first 3 months, the campaign achieved:

  • Best Digital Campaign at the 2019 Construction Marketing Awards
  • 10,186 CPD views (3,435 on YouTube & 6,751 from LinkedIn ads)
  • 51.5% increase in social impressions and 45.3% in social engagement
  • Users on social increased by 190.3%, new users by 224.6%, sessions by 264.2% and average session duration increased by 35.16% from social traffic within month 1 alone
  • 109,828 impressions, 360 engagements and 299 link clicks to the BSA website from Twitter ads
  • A cost per view of £0.06 (including creation, management and ad spend) was achieved. Fabrick calculated the average cost of a face-to-face CPD event would be £52 pp.
  • The CPD has been so well received that numerous organisations have promoted the module internally - insurer Allianz, Birmingham City University, various fire brigades and more

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