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Ambar Kelly has developed a patented RiserSafe® system to provide a complete riser zone solution that accommodates all package interfaces in absolute safety. It eliminates falls from height and the spread of fire and smoke through design. The product is complicated and spans across many disciplines. It relates to a ‘hole’ in the building that many parties believe is someone else’s responsibility.

Ambar Kelly asked Fabrick to identify a way that allowed them to educate the respective audiences on what they didn’t feel was their responsibility.

The Solution:

Following the research conducted that identified the three key target audiences intrinsically involved with the design disciplines around riser shaft zones – architects, M&E Consultants and Structural Engineers – Fabrick suggested a CPD presentation as the best means to educate.

The CPD presentation entitled – “Falls, Fire, Cost & Time; How to Avoid Failure” looked at riser shafts and the importance of eliminating risk through design.

Due to the pandemic, the traditional methods of CPD presentation would prove tricky so Fabrick suggested delivering the CPD virtually. This eliminated the face-to-face cost and allowed the associated professionals to watch the presentation in their own time. With only 1 sales person, it reached a wider portfolio of prospects, thus aiding the sales function.

Fabrick and Ambar Kelly worked cohesively and devised a content plan for the necessary components. Fabrick then collated all the information to produce a script for the voiceover that would overlay the presentation. With the use of Fabrick’s in-house designers, the PowerPoint presentation was animated to a professional standard and encompassed a series of videos, fire testing animations and photos. The finalisation of the scripted content was edited as a video, uploaded to YouTube and hosted on the Ambar Kelly website. The online CPD module was approved by CPD UK who recognised that the module provided professionals with the highest standard of both research and insight into riser shaft specification.

To ensure the CPD was disseminated most effectively, Fabrick created a series of organic social media posts across LinkedIn, secured press coverage with trade magazines - talking around the topic of riser shafts - and also generated an email campaign targeting key practices across the architectural, M&E consultant and structural engineering spheres. The Barbour ABI platform allowed the campaign to be targeted to the most relevant and up-to-date data lists, resulting in good open rates and click throughs.

The Results:

  • Achieved 3,564 online views over 3 months – set against client target of 1,000 views
  • Generated a new contact database for the sales function to pursue
  • 66% increase in website users and 73% increases in sessions on site
  • Achieved cost per view of £1.27
  • Generated 178 quality leads
  • ROI x 331
  • Email campaign generated 450 click throughs
  • Ambar Kelly has influenced and now has a voice as a thought leader to top tier architects, structural engineers, consultants and M&E contractors.
  • Ambar Kelly has provided an educative approach through a video platform without major expenditure.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of James Reid Photography

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