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Creative / MEDITE SMARTPLY - Creative Campaign

Creative / MEDITE SMARTPLY - Creative Campaign






Following investment in a new manufacturing facility, SMARTPLY created their flattest, smoothest and most accurate OSB board ever. This provided them with an opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Fabrick was asked to design an innovative, eye-catching and thought provoking campaign to reflect this product innovation and help them achieve this advantage.

The Solution:

SMARTPLY’s new innovative product allowed them to communicate a series of messages to their target audiences. The overall message was very simple – OSB customers had asked for a better product and SMARTPLY had listened and delivered. But it also allowed them to communicate the new products benefits, as well as secondary messages such as availability.

Before creating a design concept for the campaign, Fabrick researched competitor campaigns to help determine the appropriate tone of voice needed. With many advertising campaigns focusing on product imagery or incentives, and PR based around case studies, a strategy was devised that would allow SMARTPLY to differentiate themselves from competitors and deliver a campaign that engaged on many levels.

The campaign didn’t just want to tell the message in a solitary ad or press release. Instead, Fabrick suggested telling a story through clever advertising placement, engaging PR and impactful social media to show customers that SMARTPLY had listened to what they wanted and in doing so had created a game changer product.

Our creative team developed an innovative design approach using icons of various types of boards to illustrate the various product USPs – smoothness was represented by an ironing board and straightness by an arrow, etc. As this concept was teased out and tested with a sample audience, it grew into the use of simple and instantly recognisable icons, removing complexity to get the messages across with a witty headline that accentuated the features and benefits.

To achieve the awareness objectives and engage with target audiences, we suggested a product launch incorporating a number of marketing channels. The focus was on print advertising and online/digital ads, supported with PR and social media as well as trade counter posters and samples.

Print ads were ambitious, ranging from front covers and full pages to belly bands and double page spreads. The campaign took hold of the products USPs which were then teased out through a series of full page ads, culminating in a final advert, including all USPs and a clear call to action.

The Results:

  • A distinctive, engaging and eye-catching campaign
  • Innovative and well received design
  • The campaign created a number of meeting opportunities and discussions with customers
  • Traffic to the SMARTPLY website increased by 111.93%
  • Social media performance included: 7,655 Impressions and engagement grew by 83%
  • The campaign was very well received, generating many positive comments

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