Fabrick has been appointed by the ‘outstanding’ land-based Hadlow College, to deliver a PR campaign to promote their 50th anniversary and focus for the future – Vision 50.

Hadlow College has chosen to take a different approach to mark this significant milestone. Rather than looking backwards and communicating their achievements and milestones to date, the college wants to look forwards and explore what the future of the rural industries may hold.

Vision 50 seeks to explore some of the technology needed within the sector, and examines some of the skills the next generation of farmers and growers will need to work with. As part of this project, Hadlow College will be digitalising the whole of their curriculum and they will be introducing new tools such as their Agri-rural Simulation Environment prototype, which is based on computer gaming technology.

The PR campaign will align the college with future technology and innovation and position them as a forward thinking educational establishment.

“Vision 50 represents how Hadlow sees the rural sector developing and some of the challenges it faces. After speaking with Fabrick, and hearing the number of innovative ideas they had to help us publicise this message, they were the obvious partner. Not only did they understand the concept and vision, but also built upon the initial concept to enhance the overall result. It is an exciting time to be working within the rural sector and, together with Fabrick, we’re getting that message out there,” comments Neil Lakeland, Group Head of Marketing & Communications, Hadlow Group.

David Ing, Managing Director, Fabrick commented “We are thrilled to be working again with Hadlow College, and on such a prestigious project that will clearly influence the future of rural industries. We always enjoy supporting local businesses, especially when they include future generations. Vision 50 is making great progress and we’re proud to be involved.”

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