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Posted by Fabrick on 03 March 2021

International Women’s Day (IWD) marks an important date in the year to celebrate women globally from all walks of life and intersections. As well as being an event to applaud women on their successes, International Women’s Day offers time to reflect on women’s rights and advocate for equality. This year’s theme is #ChoosetoChallenge and it is designed to raise awareness around inclusivity. One of Fabrick’s copywriters, Katie Hagan, spoke with the company’s leading ladies about why they are participating in the International Women’s Day celebrations and what makes working in construction so special.

Although created officially in 1975 by the United Nations, International Women’s Day’s roots go back to 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter working hours, better pay and the right to vote. This event led to the declaration of a National Woman’s Day in America. Two years later, women’s rights activist Clara Zetkin decided to give America’s newly-created celebration global significance. Subsequently, International Women’s Day was conceived.

Fabrick’s SEO & PPC Executive, Amanda Harvey, recognises we should pay homage to these transformative events which sowed the seeds for women’s rights: “I link International Women’s Day with the right to vote and I think it is important to remember women had to push for a say about their future.”

Social Media Executive, Ella Acton, holds the same sentiment as Amanda, echoing that we need to keep moving towards equality. “Women are largely underrepresented in businesses even when we have a lot to give in terms of alternative points of view and skills.”

Women have come so far in the pursuit of equality. As Senior Account Manager, Sarah Hollett, highlights: “historically a lot has been done to give women a voice. This is something which will be remembered and celebrated.” Sarah pinpoints the need for parity and inclusivity however, as often setting women into a dichotomy with men means equality becomes ever harder to reach. “I hope for a day when we do not have to broadcast our successes separately because it is celebrated in the same way that men’s achievements are.”

IWD is about inspiration

A big aspect of International Women’s Day is looking at inspirational figures. These women range from famous faces to family members. Account Executive, Sue Purveur, says she is influenced by strong women including the likes of environmental activist Vandana Shiva. Head of Digital Content, Kate Aristides, shares the same view point explaining: “I have learnt so much from the female bosses I’ve had in the past. I admire women who manage a positive work and home environment, proving that doing both is achievable.”

Home life and family are vital to Tracey Lawrence, Account Manager, who explicates that International Women’s Day is important when looking at the future. “This celebration may give my daughters a voice that I did not have 20 years ago.”

Women in construction

As a construction marketing and communications agency, it was only natural for us to ask our female employees why they love construction. Senior Account Manager Amelia Spence, explains she is inspired by the buildings that surround us and their histories. “Think of all the women who work, or have worked, in these places and where they are now.” They may be executives or engineers says Amelia: “not just working in the admin office or laundry room!”

Amelia believes we should always #ChoosetoChallenge and push for our voices to be heard. “I enjoy making suggestions that are listened to in a male-dominated environment. Sometimes I even give a fresh perspective on situations that men don’t see!”

Laura Garving, Marketing Manager, sheds light on the sector’s evolution: “I feel that construction has come a long way since I joined some 20 years ago. It is listening to us more and providing better opportunities for women.” It is encouraging to see the industry heading in the right direction, as Sian Rees, Senior Account Manager further highlights. “The industry is evolving constantly. With that comes greater chances for women. Women are strong. Women challenge. Women are confident. Women are construction too!”


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