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Posted by Fabrick on 08 July 2021

As Fabrick celebrates its 35th anniversary, it’s a chance to reflect on what sets us apart as a construction marketing and PR agency for the built environment, particularly when it comes to creating impactful copy. Whether it’s long-form or short-form content, the copywriting team at Fabrick may well feel at times to be on a conveyor-belt of the written word, but we are always challenged by a desire to turn even the driest subject into something that resonates with an audience. It’s why so many businesses across the construction industry have turned to Fabrick over the years and continue to do so. But just how, as copywriters, do we begin to make a case for our clients’ products and services and tell their story?

From blogs to features, brochures to web copy, case studies to white papers, it’s about choosing the right words and creating a voice for our clients. From the outset, we need to immerse ourselves in a company’s products and services and personality. We also need to know about the competition. We interview key stakeholders involved in product development or across a project to gain insight and expertise. When we receive a brief, we hit the ground running to find the facts and the core message for the story. It takes research. It’s then a case of striking the right balance between an engaging tone and voice coupled with factual accuracy to gain the trust of the audience.

Memorable projects

Several years ago, our client Balfour Beatty was involved in the reconstruction of a Grade II listed toll bridge across the Thames between Whitchurch in Oxfordshire and Pangbourne in Berkshire. When it came to writing a case study about the project, there were a lot of elements at play. It was critical for us to gain an understanding of the engineering challenges the team at Balfour Beatty faced, as well as logistics, site conditions, restricted access and the worst winter floods on record. Interviewing their project manager and visiting the team on site gave us first-hand experience as to what was involved in securing the future of this historically important river crossing. Typical of many projects we write about, an understanding of building engineering and the technical terms was key, as was the ability of putting the story into words which could take an audience on a journey from project inception through to completion. On the strength of the case study, we were able to secure coverage in a number of industry publications, highlighting the company’s delivery of complex projects.

More recently, we have played an important role in the creation of influential content for our client, the Business Sprinkler Alliance. A wealth of marketing collateral has been created in order to educate people, address the myths and misconceptions of sprinklers and gain broader acceptance of automatic fire sprinklers within the construction community. Our copy has been used across a number of different channels including on and offline trade media, social and broadcast. It’s even been used in sprinkler animations.

A final note…

Writing high quality and engaging content that can make a business stand out and drive sales is of course the end goal. We work hard to understand our clients, their products and their target audiences. Good writing will get to the point and speak to an audience. And once that connection is made, only then will you be able to drive that important engagement and loyalty.


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