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Posted by Fabrick on 27 June 2018

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate social media platforms to increase your business’s online presence, it’s important to understand the breadth of opportunities available. By looking further afield than Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can tap into a much more diverse set of audiences and platforms. One such platform is Instagram. With over 130 million active users, Instagram is a visual storytelling channel that has an average of 1 million photo likes daily. What’s more, it obtains a 58 times higher engagement rate (4.21%) than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With construction businesses now starting to realise the potential Instagram offers for achieving their marketing objectives, it’s time to consider how well Instagram can perform for you.

Instagram is ideal for more visually led businesses. Interiors, architecture and design are perfectly suited to take advantage of the platform. Considering it is a visual medium, businesses should consider their capacity for creating an ongoing bank of high-quality images to ensure maintenance of engagement levels and quality. If you believe your business will benefit from Instagram then we can offer a few top tips to help you get your profile up and running:

  • Think about what you want to achieve. Is your Instagram page for inspiration or for use as a traffic driver? Setting out the purpose of the page at the beginning will help you to formulate the right strategy as you move forward
  • Create a library of photos prior to launch. By developing a bank of images beforehand, you can make sure that when you start posting you are able to maintain the page. A library will also help you to categorise and understand what you have available in order to follow your strategy
  • Don’t just be limited to still images, use content such as short interviews, time-lapse videos and before and after shots of a completed project. This content helps to give insight to the people behind the brand
  • Remember that Instagram is an ideal place to show off your business’s creativity and prove to your audience that you are much more than just a brand. Get creative with layouts and photo styling, this will not only show your company’s culture and personality, but by sharing rich content you will build trust and loyalty with your audience which will make them keep coming back to your page.
  • You don’t have to focus on just one image. One of the great things about Instagram is the grid system in which the images are displayed. This gives you even more opportunities to get creative

For example posting photos in a grid with 6 or 9 images to make your feed look much more intriguing to users:

Fabrick Instagram example image

  • Hashtags are crucial on Instagram, they help to categorise images and profiles to make sure your feed is always relevant. When it comes to choosing which hashtags to use, do your research and find which relevant keywords are most searched for by your target audience groups. Ensure the hashtags you use have a direct connection to your posts by including product category keywords that directly link to your business such as ‘timber roofs’ or ‘glass doors’. Furthermore, you should include brand related hashtags such as ‘roofs’ or ‘glass partitions’ and add in specific locations such as ‘London’ or ‘Liverpool Architecture’. By using a minimum of one hashtag per post, you can potentially boost engagement levels by 12.6%. Tools such as Webstagram are fantastic for finding trending keywords that are most relevant to your business. Ensure you revisit which hashtags you use regularly to ensure you are on trend and are using the most engaging ones. What’s more, hashtags are fantastic for SEO as they have a positive effect on your overall ranking.

Keeping your page up-to-date is important in order to build a solid connection with users and to show that you are an active company that cares about your online presence and wants to keep followers updated and interested. Take advantage of features such as ‘Your Story’ where you can share photos and videos in a slide-show form with your followers for 24 hours. It is a fantastic way to encourage interaction and share content that might not necessarily work on your feed. For example, if you are at an event such as Ecobuild, you could live stream a seminar where followers can watch in real time.

You should also put time aside and follow other relevant Instagram accounts that are relevant to your target audience. You can find accounts by searching for key terms such as ‘architects’ or ‘builders’ and by looking at who follows your competitors. Engage regularly with these accounts by liking and commenting on their content. The more effort you put into engaging with the right people, the better the results.

With Instagram, you have the opportunity to present your online portfolio in a well thought out and engaging way. It is a great platform to show off your creativity by selecting the best images of your products, services and projects and getting them in front of your target audience with the use of appropriate hashtags. As a platform for the next generation of consumers, Instagram is a fantastic way to engage with your target audience building trust, loyalty and excitement about your business.

Sophie Norley, Digital Media Executive

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