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Posted by Fabrick on 21 July 2021

Fabrick turns 35 this month! To celebrate, we’re looking back at some of our favourite projects and biggest achievements. When the brief came in, my immediate reaction was: let’s dazzle with stats and awards! So here goes… the dazzle!

I have been with Fabrick for 2 and a half years and have worked on a diverse range of digital projects – I’ve lost count of how many as we’re a fast-paced agency – and have loved learning about new clients, projects, products and building genuine relationships with clients.

Social Media and Award Success:

In my first year at Fabrick, across all client accounts:

  • LinkedIn impressions grew by 13.3%
  • Engagements by 71%
  • Clicks by 51%, compared to the previous year.

I also led the team in achieving the accolade of ‘Best Digital Campaign’ at the Construction Marketing Awards – not bad for a newbie!

Key stakeholders within the business wanted to promote a CPD, educating viewers on the importance of sprinklers for property protection and business resilience, and gave us a target of 3.5k views. With relatively low budgets, it was important for Fabrick to be effectively validating our spend in line with KPIs – to achieve video views and educate the relevant audience – which involved bi-weekly reviews of the paid ad sets and GA analysis. Well, we smashed it!


Within the first month of the CPD being live:

  • Users on social increased by 190.3%
  • New users increased by 224.6%
  • Sessions grew by 264.2%

Average session duration also increased by 35.16% from social traffic

This work highlights how users were spending longer on site, due to a relevant audience being targeted from the social campaign. Paid LinkedIn ads were set up with the goal of video views, which led to 6,751 CPD views with a very small cost of £0.07 per view. This method alone achieved 28,503 impressions in total – again targeted at a relevant audience, as evidenced from the number and views and CPD data capture.

Video Content:

The success of the campaign has led to numerous other video campaigns being borne, and more recently, I led an internal campaign to bring sustainability, COP26, the Paris Agreement and numerous other poignant sustainable construction topics to the forefront of client minds during a mini-interview series, which we’ve aptly named “conversations.” Series 1 of the mini-interview series is proving to be a great success, so I’m thrilled that I’m leaving for my maternity leave having delivered another winning project, that’s already received some fantastic feedback from industry leaders.

Organic Content:

On a separate work-related note, even our organic content wins us brownie points with our client base. Yes, yes, we know it’s at the very upper end of the marketing funnel, but you just can’t beat well researched content that thinks outside of the box!

A recent example is a Building Services company bringing to light that a contact reached out to their MD to highlight that they had actually forgotten about the business but were invited to like their LinkedIn page. They were so impressed with the content and personality in the LinkedIn posts that a BIG contract was handed over! Don’t just take my word for it – I’ve called the MD of the company and made him put this in his own words to make sure I’m not just remembering it how I want to remember it – and no bribes were exchanged, promise!

“Whitecode traditionally didn’t market our business, we were tired as a brand and needed to update ourselves. Fabrick has transformed our public image in the construction industry. Not a week goes by without an industry contact mentioning our success and how happy they are for us. Also, they are generally nice people!”

What makes Fabrick different?

But is that what Fabrick is really known for? Yes, granted we achieve brilliant results, but let’s be honest, as a construction marketing agency, we’re amongst other great agencies that essentially offer very similar services and also highlight their peaks and achievements. What makes us stand out to clients is our workforce and our human approach to forging genuine relationships. It’s something that we’re often told wins us pitches – people are just drawn to our personalities and transparent approach and that’s why they want to work with us! We have had numerous clients say that that is exactly what has won us pitches over other competitor agencies.

Our internal relationships are also what keeps us turning up every day and honestly, if I had to pin point my true key achievement, it would be creating and maintaining an excellent team. From 2019 to now, the confidence in the team I manage has notably soared and Team Social are often at the forefront of offering wider engagement ideas to the teams.

A final note…

So, to summarise, we achieve results. We have fun with clients. We build genuine relationships internally that help us to generate ideas even outside of our remit and work together as a team. Happy 35th Birthday Fabrick – and long live Team Digital/Social!

Kate Aristides, Head of Digital Content


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