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Posted by Fabrick on 20 June 2021

Do you ever wonder how relevant social media is to your construction company? How many people are actually looking at these posts that you so carefully put together and sent out into an unknown universe, otherwise known as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

How do I know if they are having a positive impact on my construction business? Are they improving brand awareness? Are they generating traffic to my website? How do I measure ROI? You are not alone in asking these questions.

The construction industry has been identified as being behind the curve in adopting digital technologies such as social media, but it’s fast catching up. Construction brands are now embracing social media and realising its potential as its gaining popularity by the day.

With more and more people signing up to be part of the online communities it’s unlikely to meet someone who doesn’t have any sort of online presence. An impressive, 2.79 billion people use Facebook every month, 353 million use Twitter, 1.2 billion use Instagram and 740 million use LinkedIn. That is a lot of adults in one space ready and willing to see what you post about your construction business and products.

However, as with all communications, there has to be a strategy and a plan, it can’t be something that is ‘played at’ – if you are going to do it, do it properly! The following are pointers to a successful social media strategy for construction: -


It doesn’t have to be all business. People log into these spaces to escape the pressures of everyday life so if they are bombarded with boring information they will just unfollow your channel.

It is important to be selective with both the quality and quantity of your social media posts in order to keep your followers interested in what you have to say or sell! But, don’t get too caught up on the amount of followers, yes it’s great to have a big following, but you should be more focussed on the traffic you are getting to your website through your social media channels.

It’s no good having thousands of followers and no one visiting your site. Concentrate on the followers you have and getting them to visit your website, and if you gain more while sharing the engaging content then that’s a bonus!


Try and have fun with your message and keep the tone of voice casual in order to create a two-way conversation between yourself and your potential clients or customers. If you keep a relaxed tone, people will feel more comfortable replying to the tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn posts than they would to one with a formal tone. Replies means engagement and engagement means more followers and more followers’ means more potential clients.


If you post about trending topics, you will be able to use a fun trend on the channels to your advantage. It shows your creativity as a company and a willingness to get involved in what is happening online. Things like this are fleeting, everyone will be doing it one week and drop it the next so in order to stay relevant you need to jump on the trend as soon as it is happening.

If you do it at the right time, it could be a great success for your social media channels so keep an eye on those daily trends.


With adverts on social media becoming more commonplace, people are very receptive to products being shown to them in this way. Non-customers are three times more likely than existing customers to visit websites because they saw a social media advert, so it really is a great way to capture new customers as well as reinforce the bond you have with existing ones by sharing engaging content. Plus, they are really cheap so you won’t have to break the bank to share a great campaign online.


All in all there are so many advantages to being on social media and posting quality content that we simply can’t fit them all into one blog!

If nothing else, remember that a well implemented social media strategy increases brand awareness and can get people talking about your construction products and services quickly – no other channel allows you to reach thousands of customers at the same time. And if paid adverts aren’t in your budget, don’t worry as social media is free! It costs you absolutely nothing to post about what your company sells or believes in, just keep it fun and don’t be afraid to get involved!

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