CFA proudly supports charity, CRASH

CFA proudly supports charity, CRASH

CFA strongly believes in supporting charities so was quick to offer their support to CRASH, the construction and property industry’s charity for homeless people.

Like many other charities, CRASH is fully dependant on donations and support. Without this they’re unable to provide the pro-bono professional expertise, free building materials and cash grants they pride themselves on. To help raise profits CFA’s creative team quickly put their artistic hats on and set to work.

They came up with the idea of delivering hard hitting facts and figures through eye catching infographics. Created on a monthly basis each one focused on a different topic. This allowed CRASH to create campaigns that would help generate awareness of their charity name as well as on the key messages they wanted to clearly communicate.

The infographics were published on the charities website, used on social media, as images to go with monthly press releases and on exhibition panels. The infographics were also utilised by CRASH supporters to help raise awareness of their support of the charity.

CFA undertook the creative work on a pro-bono basis and are proud to support such a worthwhile charity.

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